Greetings from Oklahoma City! I would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for all their help. This list will by no means be exhaustive, as I will surely miss, and later add, the names of others who been of great assistance: the Oklahoma Victory Dolls for their continued support since I have been in OKC. The Windy City Rollers for all their help since I first incurred my injury. The OU College of Allied Health, and specifically Shirley James, for making it possible for me to use the Lokomat machine in Oklahoma. The Department of Rehabilitation Services, and case manager Terry Simon, for providing me with a laptop, Dragon software, an automated door system, and an accessible ramp, to aid me in the process of returning to work. I am also in the process of reactivating my law license. We are planning on returning to Chicago once Dan graduates with his Masters in Science in June. I am currently looking to work from home.

Physical therapy is moving right along. I have Lokomat every Friday at OU College of Allied Health where I walk approximately 620 feet on a platform walker. I then walk on the Lokomat for about 30 minutes. So my strength and energy have improved considerably. I also have occupational therapy at Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation twice a week. This focuses on improved use of my upper body for the purpose of greater independence.

I am quite excited about Hal and some of the other robotic technology coming out. There is also an exoskeleton at Duke University that is part of cutting edge technology, thanks to Dr. Miguel Nicolelis. Dr. Nicolelis has stated that clinical studies with humans could start as soon as 2012. It has also been reported that stem cell surgery could start by 2014 in the US.

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