Reporting from OKC.

Recently, I was honored to win the title of Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma. The association is pushing us to go to the Ms. Wheelchair America competition at the end of July. Dan and I will drive now that we have an accessible van, and I hope to have some friends out there. I will have to canvas for donations until then to pay for entrance fees and travel. My Chicago bank North Community has changed its name to Byline Bank and anyone that would like to be a sponsor or support my Ms. Wheelchair America trip can use the bank or the PayPal method. Contact me at Hotmail or Facebook for any questions. Dan thinks it will be a good experience for me.

I work out at NeuroResources twice a week. Also, I am trying to get more lokomat therapy since I only receive 12 sessions a year in Oklahoma. Neuro is a great facility for people with SCI. It offers the use of gym equipment, along with the ability to give and exchange equipment and supplies. It is also a great way to socialize, but like many disability programs in Oklahoma it lacks funding.

I do some occasional work in bankruptcy law. I am interested in working in disability law, and Dan keeps throwing in Native American and environmental law as possibilities. This will be easier to do in Chicago due to the lack of contract work in Oklahoma. Dan is studying information science and game theory in his doctorate program and eventually wants to do research in exoskeleton computer technology.

I have started taking HGH to improve my energy level, muscle growth, and overall health. Eventually, I want to combine the HGH/exercise with stem cell and an exoskeleton (Hal Suit by Cyberdigne3:

As always, Dan and I are fighting with finding caregivers that will show up for $15 an hour; we have yet to be successful and have signed up for recently. It appears that private nurses are the only way to go but are expensive.

We are looking at buying a house near Dan’s work, but Dan says we are back in Chicago the minute he graduates with his doctorate in computer science (Less than two years). If he finds a research job where he can still attend school, it may be earlier. We both look forward to returning to Chicago, and Dan wants to buy a house for me in Canaryville. So, if anyone knows of a great at home job for a quadriplegic lawyer and an Irish scientist in the making or a cheap fixer upper house in the city, let us know because we miss the City.

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